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Culture Bank - Hana bank will become the shortcut to the brighter and more cheerful world.

Grand prize in 11th calendar design competition 2007 - Kim Eun Jung, Baek Kyung Hee

Hana bank as a culture bank was first began in 1987 by the initiation of female culture lecture. After bank transfer in 1991, Hana bank, as the first of the financial companies, opened ‘Hana Love’ culture center and most of the culture related programs being held to the recent day have started in mid 90’s. For example, Hana calendar design competition, which was initiated to provide customers with calendars not with preexisting views and masterpieces but with pictures designed by the customers themselves, was initiated in 1997 and is being continued up to this day.

Hana bank 계간지
A quarterly magazine ‘Hana bank’, which the 90th issue was published in spring 2009, is also a good example that expresses creative mind of Hana bank as a culture bank. ‘Hana bank’ was first published in 1991 and its professionalism is well known among the domestic art related magazines. More than 130,000 copies are being issued and delivered to customers and the public. The magazine can be purchase in major bookstores and the whole profit is donated to contribute to the local society.
Hana bank main office lobby uncommon Hana exhibition
Art pieces displayed in Hana bank main office and branches are owned by Hana bank. Hana collection, with the motto ‘Experiencing good art pieces in Hana bank’, is Hana bank’s important culture bank related program which searches for new artists, collects good pieces and shares among officials, employees and customers. Hana bank contemporarily (end of December 2008) possesses total 4100 pieces. Collected pieces are being displayed in various ways. Some pieces are displayed in main office and branches. By holding “Innovative Hana exhibition”, we provided the opportunity for officials, employees and customers to enjoy the art pieces.
Hana Classic Academy

Along with the opportunity for art enjoyment, Hana bank also provides opportunities for customer to enjoy classical music by holding various concerts. The representative program is Hana Classic Academy. Hana Classic Academy is a music lecture with professional’s interpretation and performance, and, since the beginning in 2000, 17 lectures have been held up to 2008 and 2500 customers have participated.

Yuk Shim Won / Darling Child / 2007 / Coloring on paper
Culture delivery by Hana bank is not limited to customers. The fundamental objective of culture bank is to continuously expand the opportunities for public to enjoy cultural life. In 2008, Hana bank, as the first of domestic financial groups, opened Hana Cyber Gallery. This cyber museum provides opportunities for all people to enjoy the previously mentioned ‘Hana Collection’. You can enjoy Hana Collection pieces such as oriental art, photos, sculptures and prints by visiting Hana Cyber Gallery(www.hanabank.com/cybergallery).
Yeo Dong Hyun / Welcome to Paradise / 2006.10.20~2006.12.31
Enjoying cultural activities such as art, music and play riches the quality of life. Therefore we believe that continuous expansion of the opportunities to enjoy culture is the shortcut to the brighter and more cheerful world.
Hana Children’s Economy Musical

To fulfill the responsibility as one of leading members of Korea’s economy, Hana bank is making effort of providing education to children and teenagers, especially the economy. The performance team visits the schools, which applied for a performance, and performs economy musical. From April 2006 to February 2009, Hana bank performed ‘Jack’s magic purse’ at 74 elementary schools. Also, ‘Hana teenager finance class’ has been operated since April 2008 and 14 finance classes were held by February 2009.

Also, Hana City (www.hanacity.com) was established in October 2008 and provides financial education where economic concepts can be learnt easily and interestingly.

Hana bank - The sponsoring bank of 2002 World Cup.

The social contribution of Hana bank on sports can be seen as sportsman sponsor and competition sponsor. Hana bank has continuously been the official sponsor of Korea national football team ever since 1998 - before the 2002 world cup - and also acts as the official sponsor of Korea Football Association and FC Seoul football team. Hana bank also officially sponsored ‘Share the dream with Hana bank football match 2008’, a charity football competition which was held by Hong Myung Bo Scholarship Foundation. Also, since 2007, Hana bank president Cup employee football competition was held where amateur employees could relieve stress and bond with each other.

New-coming golfers are usually selected for sportsman sponsor. Since 2008, Hana bank has searched and sponsored potent golfers such as Kim In Kyung. Prior to this, since 2006, Hana bank co-sponsored Korea Open and LPGA Championship.

Enjoying cultural activities such as art, music and play riches the quality of life. Therefore we believe that continuous expansion of the opportunities to enjoy culture is the shortcut to the brighter and more cheerful world.